Dear Tom Skilling...

Dear Tom Skilling,

I’d like to start by saying that I’ve idolized you since I was 8 years old.  I always looked forward to watching you on WGN and you inspired me to attend school as a meteorology major.

Unfortunately, this awful thing called “calculus” got in my way and I had to change my major, but when I was a young, energetic college student, I was sure I would work beside you someday.

So… I actually know quite a bit about how weather works and you’ve always been my favorite celebrity. But here’s the thing….our relationship is in jeopardy.

I’ve been very unhappy with your forecasts during the month of September. Although my rational mind knows you can’t control this, I’m 21 weeks pregnant and my irrational pregnant self threw my plate of pickles at the TV last night during your 7 day forecast.

I mean, 80’s in mid-September? I’m melting here!  It’s not just the heat though, it’s also this awful humidity! I need cooler weather!

I keep sweating out all these pregnancy hormones and they’re being replaced with ones that are less tolerant and understanding.

You see, I have what feels like the equivilant of a tiny sun growing in my stomach and it raises my own personal heat index by at least 10 degrees.

I want to turn off my air conditioning and enjoy my decaf pumpkin latte in a cozy sweater and the cute maternity jeans I bought 6 weeks ago without sweat running down my everything.

I want COLD! I won’t even complain if there’s a little snow mixed in.  If the high temperatures could stay below 70 degrees for the rest of September, that would be perfect! At this point I’ll take 75….ok, maybe 72 degrees, but no humidity. I’m trying to compromise here.

If you could help out this hot, sweaty pregnant lady, it would be much appreciated.  I figure if anyone has an in with the weather gods, it’s got to be the most talented and handsome weatherman out there. *wink, wink*

Oh… and if we could avoid any major snow storms at the end of January, that would be great too!  That’s when I’m due and giving birth on the side of the highway sounds less fun than sitting in this heat all day!

With love,

An overheated pregnant lady and your biggest fan!

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