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After taking most (ok, all) of the summer off writing, I’m excited to be back! I’m feeling energized and excited about some of the amazing things my family and I have coming up in the next few months.

First, in our own little peanut-free world over here, things are going pretty good! My son started his 2nd year of preschool and I’m happy to report that it does get easier. The idea of sending him to school at all after we learned of his allergy was agonizing but my  amazing little man (and his mama) are handling it very well.

I’m surprised, proud and still a little heartbroken by his own awareness of his allergy. He never eats anything without asking me first and he doesn’t hesitate to tell other adults and children that he can’t have certain foods.

His teacher has been amazing so far and has allowed me to send lots of safe snacks to keep on hand.  He is in a peanut-free classroom but still, you can never be too careful!

We’re not yet dealing with lunch time because he’s only in half day, but we’re taking small steps to ensure his school is equipped to care for him. I’m sure a full school day and school lunch time will come with its own set of worries once its time.

His next round of blood work will happen in November or December and I’m excited to find out where his numbers are at.  I really have no expectations for this next appointment because his blood work has been all over the place so far.

I will definitely be posting his results as soon as we receive them!

In other news, our family is getting ready to welcome a new baby into our already crazy and exciting lives, this winter.  I wish I could say I took the summer off because I was vacationing in the tropics, but unfortunately I spent most of this time with my head in a bucket suffering from morning sickness.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be expecting a new baby and I’m excited to share this new adventure as I navigate my way through becoming a mama of 4 awesome kids.

Stay tuned this coming week, because I have an exciting post planned about my own pregnancy adventures.

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