Donald Trump made my 7 year old daughter cry

donald trumpOur current presidential election has certainly been one of the most interesting I’ve seen since I became a voter. Some would describe it as entertaining but I think the behavior of this year’s candidates has been childish and unnecessary.

Our next elected presidents is likely going to be the first one that my 7 year old daughter remembers. For her sake, I really hope that our next president is not Donald Trump and it seems my daughter feels the same way.

As we were playing together one evening with the news on in the background, a story about the election came on. It caught her attention because they have been learning about voting and elections in school.

The news station showed a clip of Trump making one of his many sexiest remarks about women followed by the news anchor’s comments about Trump’s hate and disrespect regarding women.

My daughter looks at me and suddenly starts crying. She says to me, “Mommy, does that man really hate me?”

Very confused I say, “Of course not, why would he hate you?”

She replies, “He hates all women and I’m a woman.”

She was genuinely hurt and it broke my heart. She certainly wouldn’t fully understand any explanation I could give her but I gave it my best. Her young innocent nature could not comprehend why this man was filled with so much hate toward women when she has always been taught that she should be proud to be one.

My first thought was that it was kinda silly that she thought Donald Trump hated her. Her innocence gets the best of her sometimes. Then the situation started to sink in and my only though was, “Absolutely not!” This is not just a silly innocent kid who couldn’t understand an adult issue.

This was a hurt little girl who has always been taught to be kind toward others who immediately recognized the hateful nature of another person. She was completely justified in feeling the way she did.

It breaks my heart to think my daughter’s first memories of our country could include a message of selfishness and exclusion. Donald Trump stands for sexism, racism and hate in its ugliest form and this is not someone who should be a role model for children.

As the parent of three children, I’m very scared of what might happen if Trump becomes president. We teach our children to be humble, generous and kind to others. This task will be much more difficult if the leader of our country is not modeling this same behavior.

I remember learning a lot about our current and past presidents when I was in school. How are teachers supposed to teach kids about Donald Trump? Everything about him is inappropriate and should be censored from children.

You can’t effectively teach children that violence and bullying are wrong when the leader of country encourages both of those things.

I recently saw a bit of hypocrisy in a situation I witnessed. A mother, who is an avid Trump supporter, noticed her son was being left out at school and felt like he was being bullied by his peers. While bullying among children is NEVER ok, how does this mother not make the connection between her son being bullied at school and the way her chosen candidate bullies everyone he doesn’t like?

She obviously cares a great deal for her son, as she should, and will speak up for his injustice but then turns around and shows a great amount of support for someone who is the ultimate bully.

Does she not have any kindness and compassion left for the rest of the world? We should be teaching our children that these values and morals apply to everyone and not just those who share your beliefs, skin color or social status.

I sincerely don’t understand how his supporters get past his hateful attitude.  Regardless of what political party he’s representing, I could never vote for him.  For me, hate is a deal breaker regardless of any other views or abilities a candidate holds. I can not vote for hate.

I’ve listened to Trump supporters defend him by saying they believe he can get things done for our country.  They are somehow able to look past the awful racism and sexism he promotes. Even if this is true it does not make it right. We can’t say, “Well, the hate is okay as long as XYZ is accomplished.”

Hate is not okay under any circumstances whatsoever!!! We can not send this message to our very impressionable children.

I am certainly hoping and praying that this man does not become our next president. Until that decision is made, I will prepare myself for this very possible reality.

I am confident though that his message of hate will never break my daughter’s kind spirit. In a recent conference I had with her teachers, they said that she shows incredible kindness and compassion toward her classmates that they rarely see in a 7 year old. She truly believes everyone should be included and  treated with respect and will go out of her way to ensure this happens in her classroom.

I am very proud of her behavior and I am confident that one hateful politician will not change this even if he does become our president.

My daughter recently had some great advice that I’d like to close with.

We often watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show together when she gets home from school and as many know, Ellen ends every show with, “Be kind to one another.”

After watching Ellen’s show one day, my daughter turned to me and said, “I don’t think Donald Trump has ever watched Ellen DeGeneres. If he did, he would know to be kind to others. I think our country needs less Donald and more Ellen.”

Well said baby girl! She’s exactly right!

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