5 Things Donald Trump is Winning at

It’s not a secret that Donald Trump likes winning. I think he talks about winning more than my 4 year old son. Everyday I find myself agonizing over the fact that he could possibly win this year’s presidential election and I really hope the Americans who are currently supporting him wake up and realize how... Read more »

Dear Tom Skilling...

Dear Tom Skilling, I’d like to start by saying that I’ve idolized you since I was 8 years old.  I always looked forward to watching you on WGN and you inspired me to attend school as a meteorology major. Unfortunately, this awful thing called “calculus” got in my way and I had to change my... Read more »

Learning baby's gender through ultrasound

My family is thrilled to be expecting our 4th baby this winter and being pregnant these days sure is an interesting adventure! It seems our society believes there are no boundaries when talking to pregnant women. This especially applies to complete strangers. Having experienced three pregnancies before this one, I’ve heard it all! “Wow, are... Read more »

Back to writing...

Hello awesome followers! After taking most (ok, all) of the summer off writing, I’m excited to be back! I’m feeling energized and excited about some of the amazing things my family and I have coming up in the next few months. First, in our own little peanut-free world over here, things are going pretty good!... Read more »

Donald Trump made my 7 year old daughter cry

Our current presidential election has certainly been one of the most interesting I’ve seen since I became a voter. Some would describe it as entertaining but I think the behavior of this year’s candidates has been childish and unnecessary. Our next elected presidents is likely going to be the first one that my 7 year... Read more »

How the Sandy Hook tragedy changed me as a parent

With the 3rd  anniversary of the horrific Sandy Hook tragedy less than a week away, I can’t help but think about the impact these events had on our country.  This was certainly a tough day for parents everywhere as the fear that this could happen to our own children flooded our minds. I continue to... Read more »

Rough Day as a Stay at Home Mom

It was one of those days I wish I could have washed my hair, put on make up and grown up clothes and spent my day in an office having intellectual conversations with adults. Instead, this is what happened: Wake up at 4:30am. My oldest daughter wakes up at 5am and says she had a really bad dream... Read more »

Peanut Allergy Blood Work: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

We managed to get through our annual blood work and this post is long overdue.  Unfortunately, the news is not as good as I was hoping for but I know it’s still important to share it with everyone who has been following our journey. So here goes the numbers and then I’ll explain what this... Read more »

The Quality of Life of a Stay-at-Home Mom

About a year and a half ago, I decide to a take a brave leap and quit my job.  I had finally gone through enough agony of having to leave my babies every morning and knew I just couldn’t do it anymore.  At the time, my third baby was on the way and my husband... Read more »

Real world advice for high school graduates

This past week, I attend two graduations.  One was a kindergarten graduation for my daughter and the other was a high school graduation for my little sister. During my sister’s graduation, while baking in the sun and being eaten by mosquitoes, I got to listen to the valedictorian address his fellow classmates and offer some... Read more »