Why I love Mondays

I love Mondays for a variety of reasons. When my sons were in school I looked forward to Mondays. Monday was my day to be restored and renewed from the previous weekend of being stretched really thin between the two.

Both of my sons have autism and it really doesn’t help that they’re on different spectrum levels. Autism is a developmental disorder where a child lacks fine motor skills early on. Autism also affects their learning ability.

My oldest son is mild cognitive delayed, meaning he can’t comprehend or is slow to understand things of a common nature. However, he is capable of working and can take care of himself when it comes to hygiene and other daily tasks he is assigned.

My youngest son is nonverbal and is totally dependent on me. He exhibits physical aggression when he’s frustrated and that really becomes a problem. Needless to say, there is a clash of personality between the two as they both cannot tolerate each other. The most frustrating thing about autism is regression of behavior. They have a season when everything is mellow and then suddenly the aggression returns. This is the case with my youngest son.

As mentioned, they’re not in school anymore where I can enjoy Mondays from 8a-3p. It was once considered my day off so to speak. If my oldest son is not working I have to do a lot of improvisation when it comes to making them get along.

I still enjoy my Mondays off when it comes to my busy neighborhood. At least people are at work and it’s somewhat quiet. I’ll take peace wherever I can get it.

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