The stinging pain in my feet has a name

The stinging pain in my feet has a name and it’s called peripheral neuropathy. I did a little research on the subject such as its origin. There are various reasons why a person would suffer from it but in my case, lupus is the culprit.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the immune system gets confused attacking its own tissues. With that said, lupus may cause potential or permanent damage to internal and external organ systems.

Major organs are compromised whenever there is a flare up. Currently, I’m experiencing a pins-and-needles discomfort in my feet in addition to numbness. I read that there’s no cure for peripheral neuropathy because it’s a chronic condition.

I use gabapentin for my symptoms but sometimes the pain is still unbearable, especially at night for some reason. If you’re experiencing similar issues, please consult your doctor as they may have a different treatment plan. Hope for a better treatment plan for myself is on the horizon.

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