I'm beating boredom by learning a new language

Last weekend I decided to beat boredom by learning a new language. I had French for four years in high school because I always wanted to go to France. If I didn’t make it to France, I settled for the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have yet traveled to both.

Thirty or so years later, I don’t remember what I learned in French but I do recognize some root words and phrases. I think I can survive on that as I’ll know the subject or topic being discussed.

I’m now teaching myself Spanish thanks to the Duolingo app. I downloaded the Babbel app but Duolingo is more relaxed and fun to use. I may not travel to Spain or any other Spanish-speaking country as it won’t be necessary; the United States is very diverse with many Spanish-speaking citizens.

I’m sure I’ll find a Spanish-speaking citizen to practice my skill on and I’ll know if I made any progress by watching their body language and facial expression. Pretty much the same reaction they receive when trying to communicate with us when learning English for the first time.

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