April is Autism Acceptance Month

After reading several articles regarding autism awareness, I noticed that the month of April has become the month of Autism Acceptance. Autism is a developmental disorder discovered in children around the age of ( but not limited to) three years old. Children are delayed in speech and fine motor skills.

I have two sons with autism who are now adults. Being a single mom it was tough because they had very different personalities. I had to deal with hormonal challenges no one told me about that young men go through.

I wrote a similar article about having autistic sons in a local newspaper and I was criticized for it. I was called a loser and an unfit parent. I never understood how being a parent of special needs children made me unfit.

Thankfully, I ignored the naysayers and listened to my son’s teacher when she suggested that he get evaluated. Getting him on the ground floor of things was the best thing I’ve ever done! I was able to get him the education he needed. Ironically, this happened to my youngest son and it helped greatly that I had knowledge in this area.

I still have challenges with my sons but we’ve come a long way. One thing I’ve learned about autism is that you have to enjoy the good seasons when you have them. That’s what acceptance is all about.

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