My Latest Lupus Flare Is Wicked

I have to admit that my current lupus flare is extremely wicked. Normally I am able to know my down seasons but this flare came as a thief in the night. Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the immune system gets confused and attacks itself. Damage or potential damage to internal and external organ systems may occur.

Usually my flare ups come during the winter season for some reason. There are cases of frostbite in the fingers (Raynaud’s Syndrome) but I only wished I had that problem. December and January are challenging months for me. My latest flare consisted of in and out of emergency rooms, a sure sign of worse things to come.

The emergency room doctor was tired of seeing me so much that she flat out asked me if I was coming to the ER to get pain medication. My joints and muscles were painful not to mention I was suffering from myositis, extreme weakness in the muscles. Of course, I gave up on over the counter pain medicine which was a waste of time.

I was hospitalized at my neighborhood facility only to endure an additional two weeks of inpatient physical and occupational therapy. My medication of prednisone was adjusted which I hate because those extra doses leaves me with unwanted side effects, such as fluid retention and other issues. Usually I’m given an increased dose of 60mg when I normally use 20mg per day.

Thankfully I’m home currently and just finished my assessment of needing a nurse visit in additional to physical and occupational therapy to come to my home. It’s going to be another long journey this time around but at least I’m home with my family which I’m sure their presence will help me recover faster.

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