I Love My Cubii Jr Elliptical Machine

I Love My Cubii Jr Elliptical Machine

Out of all the exercise equipment I bought over the years to stay in shape, the Cubii Elliptical is the best investment I made in years. I’ve purchased every machine under the sun, from the Stairmaster, the Thighmaster and everything in between. In those days, I didn’t have lupus; I just jumped on the bandwagon like many others who were caught up by the celebs who endorsed those things, just to let them collect dust in the long run.

I mentioned lupus because that’s what I suffer from now. Lupus affects internal and external organ systems and can cause a flare up in symptoms at any moment. Currently, I’m having neuropathy in my legs and feet. I’m also suffering from major pain in my joints and muscles in my legs, hips, and feet. This is why I bought the Cubii Jr. elliptical. I saw the commercial numerous times; I was never skeptical about it–just reluctant to buy it at first.

The commercial had a lot of elderly people using it which made me think that it wasn’t for me. Actually, I was trying to convince my father to get it because he is using a cane and it will probably work for him. He didn’t seem interested so I wound up buying it. Again, it was the best investment and decision I ever made for myself.

The Cubii is so easy to use and assemble. It comes with a mat, a screwdriver and screws for the foot pedal. They even throw in a pair of non-skid socks which are so comfortable. These things were a plus for me because I am not mechanically inclined; I can’t put anything together. It felt so good when I started to use it. It glides very easily that you almost forget that you’re using it. It has its own timer but I usually time myself by watching a television program and stop when it goes off.

I’ve been using my Cubii for a few weeks now and noticed that I have a little definition in my legs. I went to the doctor recently and noticed that I’ve lost ten pounds as well. That wasn’t my reason for using my machine but losing a little weight doesn’t hurt! My Cubii Jr. cost under $300 but there are others that cost slightly more. Using the Cubii is also a great way to stay in shape during your quarantine in this COVID-19 pandemic.  Check out their website for more information on the size that’s right for you. Whatever you decide, you won’t be disappointed.  www.cubii.com

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