Is This Coronavirus Pandemic Making You Bitter Or Better?

In the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, it is safe to say that everyone was on edge and angry that we had to be confined to our living quarters. As time goes on, speaking for myself, being in quarantine is making me a better person. I’m becoming a person with better patience. I’m learning to live with the situation as if I have no other choice.

I’ve always been a optimist. I don’t know who I’ve inherited that from because the majority of my family are impatient hot-heads. I like to think of myself as the smooth creamy filling that calms things down when they become outrageous in my immediate family. I have to take on this attitude because I have lupus and stress is my number one trigger in having a flare up.

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks itself, instead of fighting off invaders that would cause damage or potential damage to internal and external organ systems. I try my best daily to avoid stressful situations as my worst symptoms consists of joint and muscle pain, stiffness or weakness, or worse, the need for blood transfusions due to a diminished blood platelet count. Platelets are important in preventing the blood from clotting which can travel throughout the body.

I thought it was important to share this tidbit with you so you can see how important it is that a person with lupus or other chronic illness to be quarantined. We cannot afford to be sick with the coronavirus or any virus because of our already threatened immune system. On the flip side, I also understand that I cannot be paranoid not to talk to my family should I come in contact with them; I just have to make sure they are masked up and that everything is sanitized when they come in and out. Of course, limiting the amount of people you allow in your home is paramount to diminish any chance of unwanted germs which is why I have one sister who I allow to visit because she works as my homemaker. Anyone else, I’ll see them on social media.

Speaking of social media, this is another thing to be grateful for! We may be social distancing but at least we can communicate with each other on our phones, desktop computers or whatever technical gadgets we have that brings us comfort and ease to get through everyday life. You wanna know what can lift your spirits when you think about what a drag it is staying at home? Think back twenty or thirty years when we didn’t have these luxuries. Imagine if you didn’t have a home phone and had to go to the corner to use the pay phone. How disgusting would that be knowing the coronavirus is looming the air. Think about coming back into the house with the germs without a mask. Masks weren’t that freely available to us as they are now.

There is so much to do at home. We baby boomers get the drift. It’s just explaining it to these millennials who cannot get it through their thick skulls how good or should I say great of an advantage they have it, not to mention that they are saving their lives as well as others.

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