The Coronavirus May Have Us In Isolation But So Did Being A Bad Kid So Relax

As we know, this Covid-19 pandemic is hitting everyone worldwide. Medically of course, economically, socially and who knows what else is to come. As far as the isolation and social distancing aspect, I think about my generation when we were punished. We were not allowed to go outside for days at a time until our parents gave us further notice.

We now live in a spoiled, entitled age where people cannot stand to wait for anything. Some are blatantly disregarding President Trump’s and Governor JB Pritzker’s orders about social distancing as though they are invincible. If we had more fear of obeying our parents, how much more they when they try to tell us something for our good?

Love them or hate them, these men have on-going information from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organization), NIH (National Institute of Health) and other health entities about Covid-19 and what is best for us as a country and want to keep us safe.

Last week, two parties were busted by the Chicago Police and God forbid these kids are not affected by this virus, but time will tell. Disobedience happened with a group of kids from Florida University who did test positive for the virus, traveling to an undisclosed area for Spring Break, when the president clearly stated no travel by plane at this time.

Some may say that’s good for these hard-headed kids and anyone else who are disregarding governmental orders about social distancing. It’s not good because we don’t know how many more people have been affected and it’s terrible while research is in effect; it’s only going to prolong matters. We were in our 20s once and did stupid things. For instance, when the AIDS virus was an epidemic, people still did not use condoms; because of their ignorance, they thought it was a “gay man’s” disease, thanks to actor Rock Hudson. Fast forward today, people are still not practicing safe sex.

As parents, we have to do our parts and not allow our children to have temper tantrums when it comes to social distancing. We have to constantly explain to them that this is serious and deadly. We have to get back to the basics of life and have family time when we played board games, bake cookies or do something. We didn’t have electronics to fry our brain like video games. At least they have that or they can chat with their friends.

My point? We all need to make do and go through until this Covid-19 pandemic is over. We must exercise patience and keep doing what we’ve been doing as far as keeping ourselves clean before this happened. Let watching the news be an informative tool and not a horror film. Furthermore, what kind of parents are we if we are not teaching our children the importance of what government officials are saying, especially when it comes to preserving or saving our lives?

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