Thugs will not run me out of Chicago

Listen up thugs—the senseless shooting and other nonsense you’re committing across the city of Chicago is not enough to make me move to another state. Why? Because I was born and raised here and have lived here longer than any of you existed. No, I’m not bad Leroy Brown but let me explain.

After living in the Cabrini-Green housing projects for over 20 years, I’m no stranger to violence. I’ve endured many years of ducking and dodging bullets coming in and out. Sometimes gang wars kept me and my family away for days until the coast was clear. Luckily, my grandmother who lived in the Old Town area provided a safe haven for us.

Chicago has been known as a gangster town for decades. Even so, the crime rate we’re currently experiencing in Chicago by young thugs is inexcusable. I’m extremely angry that they are obtaining guns, shooting innocent bystanders because they couldn’t aim right at their intended target.

Thugs are also committing burglaries by the dozens in neighborhoods where tenants are easy targets. It’s sad because these people work hard for what they have. They are entitled to live well and now their livelihood is threatened. Some are considering relocating to other cities because the crime in Chicago has become too much.

Sociologists may contribute poverty as the reason why crimes are committed by thugs. I don’t buy it because poverty and I were roommates for years and we still bunk every now and then. The difference between me and them is that I chose to pound the pavement for work and took jobs they felt were beneath them.

I will say the ball was dropped regarding our youth when the law took corporal punishment out of the home and school. Children became rebellious because the law was on their side, basically tying the parent’s hands so to speak. Not only did parents lose control but also teachers and other authoritative figures we entrusted to keep our kids in check.

In addition to the law taking away corporal punishment in the home and at school, we have filthy rap lyrics disrespecting women and police. Reality television is poisoning young minds, giving them a false sense of how to live. The tech age we’re living in is working more against us than for us. Social media is being abused such as displaying the acts of cyber bullying, street fights, and of course, murders.

This has become an epidemic predominately in black and Hispanic communities. However, as a parent, you still have to take the bull by the horns and remind your child of who’s in charge and continue to fight. You have to do your research to find programs to help them thrive so they can avoid the path of the thug life.

In spite of it all, Chicago is a great place to live. It’s all I know and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

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