Rambler Hoops goes one-on-one with Twitter sensation @PortersJacket

Rambler Hoops goes one-on-one with Twitter sensation @PortersJacket
Head Coach Porter Moser in late game focus.


Loyola University men’s basketball head coach Porter Moser is not just off to an impressive 10-3 start of the 2016-17 season on the court. The sixth year leader has been lighting it up on social media these days although not quite directly.

We leave that job for Twitter fan favorite, @PortersJacket.

Coach’s jacket keeps the Rambler fan base posted and entertained on Loyola basketball news and is an absolute must follow for any Loyola fan.

The Ramblers basketball fan account has been tweeting since the 2015 men’s college basketball season and we had the chance to chat about all the highly important topics surrounding Loyola Ramblers basketball. Let’s kick it off:

Rambler Hoops: Let’s get some background for the people. When did you start the account @PortersJacket?

@PortersJacket: After much pressure from my fellow ties and pocket squares, I decided to create a Twitter account. Although I was skeptical when they told me fans would be interested in what I had to say, I have been pleasantly surprised how people have responded to my account. I started tweeting at the beginning of the CBI Championship season (2015), but I was a fan of the Loyola Ramblers well before Porter picked me off the clearance rack at Men’s Warehouse.

Rambler Hoops: Favorite Rambler game you have ever seen? 

@PortersJacket: To date, my favorite Rambler game was when we scored 100 points against Indiana University Northwest.  Can you  believe I stayed on?  That was AMAZING!  But on a more serious note it was in 2014 when Doyle hit the game winner at Arch Madness. I recreate “The Shot” in my closet all the time with Porter’s socks.

I’d also offer some honorable mentions:

That time in the CBI where Montel James dunked so hard his opponent ACTUALLY DISINTEGRATED (like vaporized, I’m pretty sure when Monty threw that dunk down the ground opened up and swallowed half of Louisiana Monroe’s bench…); as well as beating Creighton, San Diego State, and our most recent win against UIC.

Rambler Hoops: Now that you’ve made it big time with an on-air name drop on ESPN, will you still shop at Men’s Wearhouse? Any suit recommendations for Coach Moser?

@PortersJacket: I don’t let the fame get to me – it’s all about remembering where you come from. I hope Porter continues to shop at Men’s Wearhouse, they have great 2 for 1 sales around the holidays. I might be biased, but I think Porter has great style and nothing compliments a handsome man more than a handsome suit. He’s one of the few people I know who can pull off a checkered suit coat.

porter moser 2

Head Coach Porter Moser’s Jacket missing in action

Rambler Hoops: Which game are you looking forward to most this season?

@PortersJacket: This season, I’m most looking forward to watching the ‘Blers play in the final four against Duke, but I also think the Wichita St. game at Gentile will also be a good one.

I genuinely believe a packed Joe Gentile Arena is one of the most difficult college arenas for opposing teams to play in.

rambler rowdies

Packed Gentile Arena

Rambler Hoops: Will the Ramblers be dancing this year?

@PortersJacket: Of course. Just no dabbing, that trend is over. Everyone needs to stop dabbing.  Except for Tyson. I really like Tyson.  Tyson can dab while listening to the Harlem Shake for all I care (he wouldn’t though Tyson’s too cool for that, I really like Tyson).

Rambler Hoops: Who are some of your players to watch the rest of the season?

@PortersJacket: Besides the obvious players, (Jackson, Doyle, Ingram, Custer), some of my favorite players to watch the rest of the season include:

  • Ben Richardson – He will often be called to guard the opposing teams best players. During the game at UIC, he played though a bloody nose and looked like Rocky much of the overtime period. He, along with Donte Ingram, is the heart and soul of this Rambler team.
  • Tyson Smith-I’m hoping he continues to get more minutes as he comes back from injury.  He’s good at defense like Ben is and since Tyson kinda looks like Michael B Jordan he’s a lot like Baby Creed from that movie “Creed”.  I would watch a movie starring Ben and Tyson.  I think people would enjoy it a lot.
  • Cam Satterwhite – It was tough to lose Matt Chastain, but Cam Satterwhite is another hyper-athletic player for Porter. As he grows and gets more playing time, he could be a real force in the MVC for years to come.  He basically has stilts for arms and seems very nice. GO CAM.
  • Bruno Skokna and Vlatko Granic-I really like the energy these two bring off the bench, they’re gritty and both seem to get better every game.  Only problem is they don’t have twitters though so I never get to say hi :/.
  • Maurice Kirby- He’s pretty tall. Every time I see him I’m like” wow. He must have a big suit.” Also his last name is Kirby.  Porter doesn’t play Super Smash Bros.  But if he did he’d prob pick Kirby in Maurice’s honor.

Joe Crisman– I’m still convinced Joe will suit up (In a jersey, not a suit) and surprise us all when he subs into a game. You heard it here first.

Rambler Hoops: Do you expect the Ramblers to make some serious noise in conference play after such a red hot 10-3 start to the season? What has surprised you most about this year’s team?

@PortersJacket: The Ramblers were picked to finish 7th in the preseason poll. Although I think Wichita still deserves to be the presumptive favorite, I think they have a real shot to finish much much better than what everyone initially though. I’m not a betting Jacket anymore, but if were still, I’d use the $5 Porter left in my pocket to put that money on the Ramblers finishing better than 7th.

Porter is building a program with players who have a history of winning. What’s surprised me most this season is the team’s resiliency. They just had a tough loss on the road against Toledo, but they fought back after being down big, much like they fought against UIC. There is no quit in this team, and I’m sure if given a second chance we’d take the rockets down.

Rambler Hoops: What is on your Christmas list?

@PortersJacket: All I ask for is a nice visit to Gina at the dry cleaners. A steam clean with starch spray is exactly what I need to be rejuvenated and ready for the long conference season.

Rambler Hoops: Any other news you’d like to share with the Rambler fans?

@PortersJacket: Keep an eye out for the Jacket blog coming soon.  It’ll feature some more semi-serious coverage and long form thought pieces.  And keep following these Ramblers and bring your friends to games!!

We can make Loyola the basketball hub of this city… Just keep showing up to help them get there!

My favorite part of running @PortersJacket is engaging with my fellow Rambler fans. It’s an exclusive club, being a die-hard rambler fan, but the fans are some of the best in the country…and the fan base is growing!


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