Around the Horizon League; Butler exits

Around the Horizon League; Butler exits

Brad Stevens and Butler have been granted their wish to depart from the Horizon League and enter the Atlantic 10 and will do so a year earlier than expected. This transition will have immediate ramifications throughout the Horizon League and directly with the 2012-13 Loyola Ramblers. Stevens out, Moser in? Can you envision Loyola head coach Porter Moser becoming the new hot ticket in the Horizon?

Why not?

While last season’s performance for the Ramblers was no indication, Moser’s tenacity and drive to “be better” sure is. Porter tossed that phrase, “being better,” around quite a bit after the crushing defeats his squad surrendered reapetdly during the 2011-12 season.

Here is some of the reaction to Butler exiting the conference.

Paul Oren, Valpo beat writer, writes of the salty relationship now brewing:

In a case of “actions louder than words,” the conference immediately removed Butler’s logo from the website and seemingly told the Bulldogs not to let the door hit them on the way out with their lack of a statement. Perhaps I’m reading a bit too much into the non-action action, but passive-aggressive behavior has been the Horizon League’s forte on this whole Butler fiasco.

  Horizon League Commissioner Jonathan LeCrone on the conferece tournament.

“We talked about all the sports and the formats today. Our goal is to keep our formats as similar as we can, knowing that each of our different sports have different numbers. I don’t anticipate any major changes (for men’s basketball). We’ll likely go back to the way we used to do it with the top three teams getting byes.”

I guess it would be nice to move on and just say no hard feelings but that is not always the case with conference departures and realignment. Will Loyola pack up and make an exit in the forseeable future?

Unlikely. But if they do, I’d pull for a Summit League exchange to stir the pot up a little and spice up the two Midwest conferences. For now, the Horizon League is glad to house the Ramblers.


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