2011-12 Loyola Ramblers Basketball look back

2011-12 Loyola Ramblers Basketball look back

A look back to the 2011-12 Loyola Men’s Basketball team’s performance and items of note in the Horizon League.

Overall Record — 7-23

Conference Record —  1-17

Bright Side

“”I was lucky enough to take a hard-hat tour of Gentile Arena earlier in the year, and the finished product is remarkable. The fans are on top of the action, which I think they enjoy, and I think will serve Loyola well in terms of building a home court advantage in the years to come. What I was fortunate to see on Saturday was the energy in Gentile. I look forward to seeing the energy continue to pick up as Porter Moser builds his program,” – Bill Potter, Director of Communications for the Horizon League.

  •  Strong recruiting class which features Matt O’Leary, Nick Osborne, Darrell Combs, and Jeff “Keke” White, all of which posted strong senior seasons and have been featured on many ranked lists.
  • Jordan Hicks, the squad’s most athletic player, will be back for one more year and Cully Payne a transfer point guard from Iowa will now be eligible to play for the Ramblers.

The reaction to the new arena was astoundingly positive and folks from all round the Horizon League loved what the athletic department did with it. Here’s what Brad Stevens had to say when Butler was in town.


STAT Central

Scoring – Ben Averkamp 15.4 ppg (tied for 2nd in the conference), Walt Gibler 12.4 ppg

Rebounding – Averkamp 7.1 rpg

  • Joe Crisman, freshman guard, 222 points, third in scoring behind Averkamp and Gibler.
  • Christian Thomas shots 56% from the field.
  • Ramblers had the worst offense in the Horizon League averaging only 57.2 points per game.

Play of the Year

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