Revisiting the 1963 NCAA Champions Loyola Ramblers

Revisiting the 1963 NCAA Champions Loyola Ramblers

The Sweet 16 of this years NCAA men’s basketball tournament kicks off Thursday with some exciting match ups and a stellar Cinderella still in the field of play, Ohio University. Go back to 1985 and you’ll find the Loyola Ramblers in the Sweet Sixteen of the Big Dance squaring off against number one seed Georgetown.

After taking almost a month off, Rambler Hoops is now back in full swing and will get you back into Loyola Rambler basketball action by revisiting the greatest men’s basketball team in school history, the 1963 NCAA Champions. Before we kick off our series, let’s take a moment to watch the video of the championship banner unveiled at the renovated Gentile Arena earlier this season. Seeing it was first hand was awesome and leaves an inspiring feeling in the hearts of Rambler Nation for the day when another banner will join it up on the wall of Gentile.


1963 NCAA Championship Fun Fact: Considering the era and time period, Loyola’s revolutionized the game for collegiate African Americans by having four black players in their starting lineup. The norm was to only have one or two black players starting, but head coach George Ireland pioneered the way for breaking this stigma in college basketball.

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