Reality Sets in For Skinnygirl Mogul,Bethenny Frankel

Reality Sets in For Skinnygirl Mogul,Bethenny Frankel

As we all have heard by now, Bethenny Frankel, Bravo reality star, bestselling author, and founder of the hugely popular Skinnygirl empire, announced over Twitter (typical reality star move!) a few weeks ago that she was “heartbroken” to report her recent separation from her husband of almost three years, Jason Hoppy, with whom she has one daughter, 2-year old Bryn.

An admitted commitment-phobe who once stated in an interview that “marriage does not come easily to me,” Bethenny has been under the scrutiny of the public eye for years now regarding the state of her relationship. And it’s no wonder! Let’s face the facts; it was glaringly obvious to anyone who watched Frankel’s spin-off reality shows, Bethenny Getting Married? or Bethenny Ever After, that the millionaire mogul and her insecure hubby had their issues when it came to money, gender roles, and business styles. Between her obsessive, anal, control-freak nature and his laid-back, down-home, frat boy vibe, the pair never stood a chance. Actually, it has always been my opinion that a successful woman cannot last with a man that does not earn as much as her…but we will save that editorial for another day.

But all emotional, psychological, and personal baggage aside, what makes this divorce particularly interesting is (what else?) the HUGE amount of money that may be on the table and custody of Bryn which sadly but most likely will be used by Hoppy to try to procure more cash from Frankel.

Last summer it was reported by Forbes magazine that Ms. Frankel sold the rights to Skinnygirl cocktails to Beam Global for an estimated $100-$120 million. However, Skinnygirl isn’t the only cash cow Bethenny seems to have in her arsenal of moneymaking endeavors. The former Real Housewives star also has written four bestselling books, started a successful shape wear line, created her own fitness video, is currently recording her upcoming daytime talk show, and even has a skincare/cosmetic project in the works! With all of these assets, it is only natural to wonder what kind of prenuptial agreement the couple signed three years ago before Frankel’s career really took off…

Luckily for Bethenny, reports have come out saying that her Skinnygirl fortune is not at stake due to certain clauses in the couple’s prenuptial agreement. However, I highly doubt that’s going to stop Jason from going after more than his share of the profits and using the minor child in the process.  After all, both parties are asking the court for custody of their 2-year old daughter and neither seems willing to back down on this issue so it will undoubtedly be a war.  Frankel used Hoppy to bear her golden child and possibly underestimated Hoppy’s vengeful nature.

In fact, just today Hoppy refused to sign the authorization form to allow Frankel to take Bryn with her on a business trip to Australia, according to Radar-Online. Frankel’s attorneys are contemplating filing a petition in divorce court.  All I can say is, if I were Jason Hoppy I’d think twice before crossing Bethenny Frankel. The bitch may be skinny, but there is no doubting that she is one savvy mogul who is ALL business.



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