As hundreds of questions continue to swirl around the still rather illusive government scandal regarding  (the former) General Petraeus, 60, and his extramarital affair with personal biographer, Paula Broadwell, 40, the only question I have for the former CIA director is this: how could someone so ridiculously smart do something so ridiculously stupid?

how many times is a person in the public eye, be it a Hollywood celebrity or a government official, going to have to get caught with sexually explicit e-mails or text messages before it finally dawns on everyone that leaving a electronic paper trail of your affair is just plain stupid?

I mean, seriously. Do all of these highly public male figures really think they are going to get away with a secret, sexually explicit affair while running national companies, governing states, and leading the free world? Get real, guys.

Take Mr. Petraeus for example. I bet he thought he was pretty slick when he made up that fake G-Mail account so that he could write sexy notes to Paula without getting caught. But as any 14-year old who has ever watched ANY kind of CSI-related TV show (let alone headed the entire Central Intelligence Agency!)could tell you, the metadata attached to any e-mail can be traced right back to the very computer it was sent from. Which is exactly how he got caught. Ironic, huh?

But I get it, I do. Sometimes   having a salacious affair can cause us to lose our senses and get caught up in the moment. Flirtatious texts can turn into sexy e-mails, and the next thing we know we are sending naked pictures of ourselves from the bathroom stalls at work. It’s a slippery slope that I know can turn into a naked slip n’ slide in the blink of an eye…so don’t go down it.

If you’re marriage is in a rut or you’re in the midst of a mid-life crisis and you decide that what you really  need is to have a raunchy affair to bring you back to life, fine. Do  what you have to do, I guess. But do not, I repeat DO NOT, leave any hard evidence of your cheating that could come back to haunt you later on.

So do what I tell all of my clients and readers who come to me with cheating troubles…

Forget the texts, e-mails, social mediaand voice messages.  Take a lesson from  the Sopranos-talk in person or stick to whispering sweet nothing’s into your lover’s ear.

You can thank me for that one later.


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