Stephon Marbury's Expensive Cooking Lessons With His Personal Chef

Stephon Marbury's Expensive Cooking Lessons With His Personal Chef

Sleeping with your employees is always, always a bad idea. However, unlike ex- NBA star, Stephon Marbury, most of us are capable of coming to grips with this realization without having to fork over almost $1 million in the process.

Despite his best efforts to keep it off the media’s radar (although, I have to hand it to him, he did manage keep it under wraps for almost five years), The New York Post recently obtained court documents revealing Marbury’s extramarital affair with his family’s former personal-chef, Thurayyah Mitchell, back in 2007.

No stranger to cheating scandals (the former New York Knicks player was forced to testify that he had sexual relations (while married!) with an intern back in 2005 during the team’s headline-making sexual harassment lawsuit).  Marbury has now admitted that he tried to cover up the affair with Mitchell because he did not want to stir-up further drama for the Knicks or ruin his marriage to wife, Latasha.  Shocker!!

So of course he did what any obscenely wealthy man in sheer panic would do…he threw cash at the situation in the hopes of making it go away. Marbury offered Mitchell $900,000 to keep her mouth shut and stay away from the press. As luck would have it, it worked! Until it didn’t.

Over the next few years Marbury paid Mitchell around $600,000 before running into financial problems and cutting her off in January 2010. Angered by the lack of cash flow coming her way, the personal chef hired an arbitrator and took the matter to court. The court then ruled that because Mitchell had upheld her end of the agreement that was originally proposed by Marbury, that Marbury needed to come up with the $330,000 that was still owed to her…ASAP.  

Now let’s break down Stephon’s complete f$%! up piece-by-piece, shall we? I feel that one cannot fully appreciate the true moronic ignorance that is going on here unless this epic fail is dissected thoroughly. So, here goes:

Mistake 1: Cheating on your wife while still under investigation for the potential sexual harassment of an intern after a team trip to the strip club.

Get real, Stephon. I’m not even going to get into the several levels of insane stupidity that this action covers because it’s painfully obvious that you just don’t care. Anyone in their right mind would lay-off the ladies while under a team-wide investigation for sexual harassment… especially while MARRIED! But not you, because you’re the man, right? WRONG.

Mistake 2: Cheating with a household employee while in your family home. 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t s*** where you eat”? Well, someone needs to make it more literal and start saying “Don’t f*** where you eat” because Marbury clearly was just not getting the metaphor.  Heating up the kitchen with your cook while under the same roof you share with your wife not only makes you 100% scum, Stephon, but also shows you are 100% brainless.  Are you trying to follow in the footsteps of Arnold or was it just a coincidence?

Mistake 3: Offering to pay your mistress close to $1 million to keep her mouth shut.

Here is a little math problem that I challenge you to take-on: Marbury and Mitchell claimed to have sexual relations on five separate occasions, he then offered her $900,000 not to go to the press, how much did each salacious rendezvous cost Marbury in the end?  

Answer: $180,000. Yep, that’s right. Marbury essentially handed over $180,000 every time he had sex with Mitchell. Not to mention the toll it took on his marriage as well as his reputation.

 So the question begs to be asked, was it worth it Stephon? Were those five “cooking lessons” with your chef worth everything that they ended up costing you? I really, really hope so.




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