Rob Reunites With Kristen-PR Stunt or Cheating Bliss?

Rob Reunites With Kristen-PR Stunt or Cheating Bliss?

robWell, it’s official…Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back on. And after months of waiting with baited breath to see how the devastating break-up would play out, I think I can hear Twi-Hearts all over the world taking one giant, PR -induced sigh of relief.

Recently spotted partying together with friends at the trendy Hollywood hotspot, Ye Rustic Inn, the “Twilight” power-duo seems to have weathered the storm of Stewart’s epic cheating scandal with her much older (and married!) director, Rupert Sanders, and come out the other side more in love than ever and ready to give their relationship another shot. Cue the swooning of every teenage girl in America::

What a perfect, romantic, out-of-a-movie love story, right? So perfect that it could almost be the work of a group of professional story-makers…

And while I hate to always be such a cynic (not really, but whatever), I think most people would have to agree with me that it is pretty hard to ignore the timing of this “reunion” considering the upcoming promotional tour for “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II”. I mean, come on, what better way to draw major media attention to the last movie of the fading series than to have the real-life Edward and Bella reunite on the red-carpet for the first time? It’s a PR professional’s dream scenario!

But all skepticism aside (and there is a lot out there, believe me), if Rob really has taken Kristen back into his pale, undefined arms after her ongoing affair (side note: this is also not the first time she has been accused of two-timing, folks. Just ask her ex-Michael Angarano or co-star Taylor Lautner), the question begs to be asked, “Has he made the right decision?”.

It is the tough question that everyone who has ever been cheated on and then proceeded to take back the cheater has asked themselves, whether they admit it or not. But for anyone who is currently spending too many sleepless nights considering if you should take back your cheating ex, let me save you some trouble and give you the straightforward answer:


While many advice-givers will say “every relationship is different” and “some relationships can even improve after cheating if both people can use the opportunity to grow and mature”, be honest with yourself. How many people’s relationships do you think have improved after a deliberate act of betrayal? Not many, I can tell you that much.

And what will most likely happen to you if you choose to forgive and forget (because it’s less painful than being betrayed AND losing your significant other all in one blow), is that you will harbor feelings of insecurity and resentment without really working through them and addressing the issue. This is BAD. It will cause you to bring the cheating incident up over and over again in future fights because deep-down you are still hurt, and it will turn you into a paranoid freak who panics every time your call gets ignored. This is not the person you want to become, trust me. People will think you are pathetic and you will end up hating yourself for becoming a “psycho girlfriend/boyfriend”.

So if you are looking at the online pictures of Kristen and Rob partying together in Hollywood while looking happy as ever post-cheating scandal, please remember that it is most likely one big PR stunt. In real life, they’d be drunk-fighting at the bar in front of their friends about who she is texting and why she is being so secretive with her phone.

So here is my advice to my readers who are considering taking back their cheating ex (and to you too, Rob!): It’s not worth all of the pain, effort, and pit-in-the-stomach feelings you are bound to have if you choose to stay with the one who strayed. Go out there and find someone who actually puts your feelings before their own and values you and your love. You will not regret it.


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