Will Kim K’s Most Recent Sex-Tape Scandal Force Her Into Koughing Up the Kash?

Will Kim K’s Most Recent Sex-Tape Scandal Force Her Into Koughing Up the Kash?

Well, it doesn’t look like too many people are surprised by the latest gossip coming from the land of Kimye…least of all, Kris Humphries and his legal team. Since recent reports have surfaced claiming that the hot celebrity duo paid-off  Kim K lookalike, Mony Monn, close to six-figures to claim the role of the leading-lady in Kanye’s recently discovered sex-tapes, the question on everyone’s lips is this: Is it actually Kim K who is shown in Kanye’s risque video? And if so, why go so far to cover-up this particular sex tape when we all know that she’s already been in one before?

The answer: divorce proceedings. Since Kim’s divorce proceedings with Kris Humphries are still in full swing, it seems that the starlet is willing to do anything and everything in her power to cover-up this bawdy boo-boo before it can be used against her in court. After all, there is nothing Kris would love more than to take Kim for everything she’s worth, and what better evidence could there possibly be to prove that their marriage was a sham than a sex tape supposedly filmed at the beginning of their 72-day marriage?

If Kris’ lawyers can prove that the bodacious booty shown in Kanye’s sex-tape is actually his ex-wife, he can further his theory that the marriage was a phony and seek an annulment. So what is the benefit of an annulment, you ask? First, Kris will not be bound by the prenuptial agreement and the confidentiality clause contained therein allowing him to speak freely about the Kardashian Klan (which will undoubtedly be unfavorable) and expose the inner workings of their much-ridiculed dynasty. Second, if Kris proves that the televised “fairy tale” marriage was a fake after all, then Kimmy may risk losing endorsements as sponsors will become skeptical of working with her.

While this would all sound a little far-fetched if this was just a regular divorce case, when you consider the cast of characters involved in this one (as well as their combined net worths and previous reputations in the media), it is not so hard to believe. Stay tuned for updates as the story unfolds!

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