Although I could issue an award daily…the Love Lawyer Moron Award goes to today’s winner –none other than David  Arquette. Arquette filed for divorce from Courtney Cox in Los Angeles Superior  Court on June 12, 2012-exactly 13 years from the date of their marriage on June 12, 1999. How romantic!!  Arquette is handling his case in propia persona, which is Latin for an arrogant ass acting as his own counsel. Arquette is seeking joint custody of the couple’s daughter, 8 year-old, Coco.

The adage that “he who represents himself has a fool for a client” is based upon years of experience by seasoned litigators and judges who have witnessed the horrors of litigious laymen. It is even worse when the litigant is not a lawyer but thinks he can bypass law school and a bar exam because he is an actor in lala-land.

It is not like Arquette cannot afford legal counsel, and he needs it. Not only may Arquette’s case encompass  complex legal and financial issues, but he also has a child. Even veteran attorneys seek assistance in complex divorce matters for tax issues, business valuations, evidentiary concerns and other areas that may require another opinion.

Perhaps, the most important reason to hire an attorney is to have a professional who will provide dispassionate, objective advice during an emotionally distraught time. If the case proceeds to litigation, Arquette will be deprived of an independent third party who can  pose the proper strategy, has knowledge of the rules of the court and law and can evaluate alternative methods of presenting the case in the most logical (not emotional) manner.

There is no doubt that Courtney Cox will have her own counsel. Only after Arquette gets his ass kicked in court will he realize the errors of this particular practice. Stay tuned.


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  • Getting into divorce is a complex process that it does not only involve someone's emotional being, but mental-readiness as well. We do not know what Arquette wants to prove, but it's his call and good luck!

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