E. Jean Carroll Spices Up Your Love Life With Tawkify.com

I have been reading and following advice maven, E. Jean Carroll since 1993 when her column launched in Elle Magazine.  E. Jean is the reason I would even consider purchasing Elle Magazine. Carroll’s “Ask E. Jean” advice column (http://www.askejean.com/) is not only brazen but her opinions on sex, relationships and dating are by far the most honest and fearless you will ever encounter.  The E. Jean brand provides entertaining and highly informative advice–much better than your mother would ever dare give you.  

So,  of course, I was honored and so excited when E. Jean contacted me and asked if I would test drive her new dating website called “Tawkify” (www.tawkify.com). Tawkify is not just any dating website. Tawkify operates under the premise of old fashioned dating. It maintains the adventure and much needed gradual revelation that leaves you wanting more.  Having E. Jean select a match for you is the icing on the cake. 

So how does it work:   

1. All you have to do is answer 10 questions and E. Jean selects a match made especially for you. E. Jean really takes the time to review your photo and your answers in selecting a match for you. For example, I requested a New York gentleman. My list of qualifications was so lengthy it could have filled up 12 encyclopedias. Poor E. Jean. She had her work cut out for her in forging my match.      

2. Next, Mr. Brooks, a robot male,  contacts you on Monday night at approximately 10 p.m. ET and connects the call with your match. You have 5 minutes to talk to your match. Trust me the 5 minutes feels like 5 seconds. So be forewarned that you should use your time wisely. Just as soon as your are connected, Mr. Brooks abruptly disconnects you when the 5 minutes have elapsed.

3. You then have the choice to log back on and choose to speak to your match again the following Monday night or you ask E. Jean to select someone else if you disliked your potential date.  If you choose to speak to your match again, Mr. Brooks will again connect you on the following Monday for seven minutes and you may then exchange phone numbers with your date at that time. I can tell you that I have selected to speak with my potential mate again this Monday.  In fact, I have been looking forward to the call all week. 

Tawkify is not only fabulously fun but it maintains the mystery, intrigue and excitement in dating. It is very reasonably priced with one match for $8 and three matches for $15. Hell, you cannot even get out of Starbucks for less than $8.  For more information on all the rules and how it works click this link:      http://www.tawkify.com/footer/how.php .

I highly recommend this dating website for men and women alike.  Given E. Jean’s savvy credentials and experience,  I would not trust ANYONE else to select a potential date for me. So what are you waiting for??…logon on to tawkify NOW !!!!

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