Da Chicago Mob is Here-Do Not Miss "Da Wiseguys"

Da Chicago Mob is Here-Do Not Miss "Da Wiseguys"


If you are a die hard Sopranos fan and miss the HBO series, you are in luck. Chicago’s own Sal Amato has written (and also stars in) a fun filled action packed web series called Da Wise Guys. 

DaWiseguys is inspired by events involving the Chicago Mob and the crooked politicians from the local, state and Federal levels.  Joe Farina plays a mob hit man who turned informant and is better known as “Rat Bastard.” Rat Bastard enters the witness protection program but checks in every week from a secret location to narrate the life and times of the Chicago mobsters known as Da Wiseguys.

The cast of DaWiseguys is a collaborative of Chicago’s finest, most talented and incredibly colorful actors. This series is sure to bring loads of action, drama, humor and skin to you in each and every episode.    

Joe Farina, a brilliant actor, caught the acting bug by shadowing his father, Dennis Farina on the set of Crime Story. Currently, Farina is well on his way to making his own mark as he has appeared in over 20 film and stage productions.

Sal Amato, who plays Mickey Auriano in the series, has unlimited talent. Amato is not only a writer, actor, comedian and voice-over artist but he is also the part owner or 1CLUB.FM with Kenny Jammin’ Jason and Salvatore Camarda where he is Director of Programming and Content for this radio franchise. 

Frankie “Hollywood” Rodriquez, a force in Chicago, brings his knowledge and talent to Da Wiseguys as a Director of Photography/Cameraman. Rodriguez is most well known for his career on the legendary WBMX 102.7fm and B96 Chicago where he hosted the night and morning shows. Rodriguez also worked alongside legendary DJ’s Steve Dahl, Kevin Mathews & Howard stern At WCKG 105.9fm Chicago. Currently, Frankie hosts the The Greatest Show In The World which can be heard live 5 days a week Monday through Friday from 12pm – 3pm 

Martin Shannon who plays Frankie “O” in the series, is a well known Chicago actor. Shannon is best known for his incredible portrayal of Sammy Delano in Chicago Overcoat. Shannon is a stage actor and starred in Tony and Tina’s Wedding for over twelve years. Shannon currently shows his flair for the law by playing an attorney in the new stage enactment of Johnny Boy’s Graduation, one the hottest shows in Chicago.        

Last but not least, I have been cast as Peaches, an exotic dancer (think Bada Bing) working for the mob, to “bring down” Councilman Ringenhauser in episode one of this fantastic web series. I am humbled and excited to be working with such amazing and extraordinary actors.     

The rest of the cast is equally scintillating and each episode is shot entirely on location in Chicago. The series is exclusively for delivery through and for ‘new media’, presented as an “InterSeries™” of weekly short webisodes that combine to make up episodes. To follow the series, go to facebook and add Da Wiseguys as a friend and also go to Da Wiseguys website and follow the directions. Episode one will be airing in June 2011.   YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW.

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