You Only Need One Sign To Show That He is a Player


So I was listening to Brotha Fred on 103.5 Kiss FM this morning. Brotha Fred, Angi and Tommy were discussing an article written about the “six signs to show that a guy you are dating is a player.”  Six signs!!!  Who 

the hell needs 6 signs to determine if a guy is a player?  It is very simple. There is only one crucial sign you need to pay attention to (along with your gut feeling). 

Here it is…Is his conduct consistent with his words? That is all you need to know to determine if the guy you are dating is a “player.”

If he tells you that he cares about you and does not call you when you are sick with the flu, then he does not care. If he tells you that you are the most important person in his life but does not call you for days and does not return your texts or emails, he is lying.  If he tells you he misses you but only makes time for you when he wants sex, he is using you. 

So girls, if you do not want to regret losing years of wasted time on a player, then pay attention to his conduct. No matter how many times he tells you how hot you are, do not succumb to spreading your legs until you know for certain he is a kind and loving soul without an agenda.  If  you value and respect yourself, you will attract men that value and respect you.  





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