WSJ Lee Hawkins Scores a Touchdown and Lands Interview With Michael Vick

WSJ Lee Hawkins Scores a Touchdown and Lands Interview With Michael Vick


Oprah could not do it. Piers failed. You will recall that Michael Vick cancelled his Oprah appearance in February 2011. Although Vick cited personal reasons for the cancellation, after reading between the lines, I believe that Queen Oprah was not completely candid with Vick about the interview which led to him backing out. Oprah’s interview with Vick was to be the first since Vick returned to the NFL and was destined to attract mega ratings. Since that time, the competition has been fierce to launch this interview with Michael Vick.

So what does Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hawkins have that these other celebrity hosts do not possess? It is simple. Hawkins is eloquent, determined and most importantly, authentic in his interview process.  No doubt, Hawkins asked the difficult questions of Vick and did not allow Vick to be evasive.  But it was Hawkins’ straightforward manner of questioning that obviously provided Vick with a feeling of safety and comfort and ultimately led to Hawkins’ feat. What makes the interview even more compelling was Hawkins’ focus on Vicks’ rebuilding of his brand, association with Unequal Technologies and business strategy. Hawkins’ business perspective provides a unique insight into Vick that has never before been divulged and portrays Vick in a different light.

Congratulations are certainly in order for Lee Hawkins. Here’s hoping that Rupert Murdoch recognizes this superstar and immediately issues Hawkins a HUGE bonus.  

To view the video of the interview with Michael Vick and read the story, click the link listed below.




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