Bret Michaels' Proposal- Every Rose Has Its Thorn and Thensome


Let me start out by saying that I am a HUGE Bret Michaels fan. I have followed Bret’s saucy career since the 80’s. I can honestly say I was entertained by Bret’s reality show, “Rock of Love” where Bret eagerly searched through bimbos, drama queens and strippers for the so-called “woman of his dreams.”

So naturally I was intrigued by Bret’s new show, “Life As I Know It” which focuses on Bret’s relationship with his on again off again relationship with Kristi Gibson and their two (2) adorable daughters.

For those of you that missed the finale of Bret’s show, Bret finally proposed to Gibson. As much as I want to believe Bret wants to marry Gibson, I am betting they will not take that walk down the aisle …unless, of course, VH-1 guarantees a six figure stipend for both Bret and Gibson.

If you examine Bret’s past conduct, all indicators point to stringing Gibson along and not treating her as marriage material. Even Bret’s rough year of battling a brain hemorrhage could not create this epiphany called an engagement.

So let’s examine this thorny relationship. Bret has been in a relationship of convenience with Gibson for 16 years and yet Bret gave Gibson a ring only two years ago. Even when giving Gibson the engagement ring, Bret called it a “friendship with mega benefits ring” and said to Gibson… “I told you before that this means nothing.” Gee Bret, how romantic. It gets even better….2 weeks ago, prior to actually proposing, Bret told the media when asked if he would propose to Gibson:

“Love and marriage are the ultimate, but I still get a little sweaty about the marriage thing – I don’t know why,”………”I know this sounds crazy,” he continues, “and I say it’s a mental issue, but I don’t want to ruin it by getting engaged. And she hasn’t done anything wrong, but I feel like something’s not right, and it ruins our relationship.”

Call me crazy, but does this sound like a guy who wants to get married? Where in his proposal did Bret profess his true love for Gibson or even say that he is in love with her. In fact, he claims the relationship was not right and he is against marriage. If Bret was truly in love with Gibson, why was he searching for his dream woman on Rock of Love for three (3) seasons while Gibson was waiting at home for him?

Gibson needs to read the handwriting on the wall and realize that Bret is not marrying her and, if he does, it is not for love—it is for ratings and cash. Gibson has been content living in “string along valley” for 16 years. The reality of the reality show is that Bret never needs to marry Gibson…she waited for him while he screwed everything that had a pulse and never ended the relationship despite being treated as “mega friends with benefits.”

The only true way for Gibson to know if Bret loves her and is serious about marriage is to end the relationship. If Bret is truly in love with Gibson and wants to marry her as he professes, he will do whatever it takes to win his bride back. Gibson’s authentic farewell sure beats a staged VH-1 wedding.

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