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Most of you know me as a divorce lawyer from my internationally acclaimed advertising campaign, Life’s Short. Get a Divorce. What you do not know is that my legal experience spans the gamut from counseling businesses on employment and labor matters, representing schools, contract drafting and negotiation in the entertainment arena, FDA legal issues, to purely transactional corporate legal work.

Even while engaged in the War of the Roses, I have always practiced in other areas of the law and enjoy the variety and diversity of such a practice. I thrive on constantly being challenged by my varied legal practice and clients. After all, growth depends upon learning and constantly tackling new legal issues.

The difficulty I have been encountering is that no matter how much I try to expand my client base beyond family law, it appears as though I have been typecast as a divorce lawyer.

I guess I should not be surprised but now know what it feels like when an actor is typecast in a role and tries to expand their career. Do you think Leonard Nemoy will ever be regarded as anyone but Spock on the original Star Trek series? How about Caroll O’Connor–will we ever view him as anyone other than the infamous bigot, Archie Bunker?

At least, Henry Winkler was savvy enough to realize he was not going to escape his role as the “Fonz.” As are result, after Happy Days, Winkler ventured out and opened his own production company.

Do not get me wrong, I am fortunate and enjoy practicing in the area of matrimonial and divorce law. But will I forever be bound to the role of Arnie Becker on LA Law? Give me your thoughts.

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