The Good Karma Divorce is A Winner


If you are looking for a life changing and thought provoking book, look no further. Chicago Domestic Relations Judge Michele Lowrance has captured the essence of how to deal with interpersonal challenges in her book,  The Good Karma Divorce. 


Not only does Judge Lawrence offer no nonsense advice, she has created a manifesto for turning the negative aspects of divorce into a positive experience. Judge Lawrence’s book is particularly helpful because it shows anyone, whether going through divorce or just having interpersonal challenges, how to resolve conflicts with positive power. Judge Lawrence’s engaging writing style, enormous wisdom and interesting quotes make this book hard to put down. I am recommending this book to my divorce clients and anyone looking for an effective method for transforming destructive conduct and thinking into positive actions.  Kudos to Judge Lawrence for having beauty, brains and the fortitude to challenge negativity.          


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