The Perfect Alpha Male-Rick Collins


For those of you who may not know, I competed in my first bodybuilding figure competition in May of 2009 (photos on my Facebook page). It was at this time that I stumbled upon another attorney with a passion for writing, bodybuilding and the law, Rick Collins.

Not only is Rick Collins one of the most incredible people I have
ever encountered but he is also one of the kindest  with a passion for
life like no other.  For those of you who don’t know him, Rick Collins
is a popular personality in the bodybuilding, health, fitness and
nutrition communities. Not only is he a highly successful lawyer but he
is an author, lecturer and magazine columnist. Rick is a partner in the
law firm of Collins, McDonald & Gann, PC, in Mineola, New York. 
He’s the official legal advisor to the International Federation of
BodyBuilders (IFBB) and General Counsel to the International Society of
Sports Nutrition. Rick is admitted to practice in the State courts of
New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Texas, and in the District
of Columbia.


Rick is also a  nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning
Specialist.  He is widely regarded as the nation’s foremost legal
authority on performance enhancing drugs and supplements and has
written a book called “Legal Muscle” which is considered a legal
treatise on anabolic steroids. Rick frequently writes for various
fitness and bodybuilding publications, and is a monthly columnist for
the nationally circulated Muscular Development magazine and a member of
their Advisory Board.  He also contributes to Muscle & Fitness
magazine and is a member of their Board.  Rick is a former
award-winning bodybuilder and has demonstrated a lifelong dedication to
fitness. Rick has integrated his devotion to strength, courage and
health into his professional and personal schedule, and has recently
co-authored a new book, “Alpha Male Challenge.”


Rick’s new book, “Alpha Male Challenge” provides a revolutionary
10-week transformation program designed to not only rapidly build
muscle and lose body fat, but to build a better male, inside and out.
The book is a no nonsense straightforward instruction manual to build
the kind of most appealing male: ruggedly powerful and supremely
confident; traditionally manly but with modern enlightenment. Not just
a guy whose muscles look heroic, but one who feels heroic.  It’s the
blueprint for building the “TRUE Alpha Male.”

What is a TRUE Alpha Male?  The True Alpha Male is not a bully or a
brute.  He is the guy who is first to lead the charge for a worthy
cause.  He is supremely equipped, physically and mentally, to fight for
success in the ultra-competitive world we inhabit.  The True Alpha Male
embodies the best characteristics of the males of our species, namely,
rugged outer qualities such as muscularity, strength, and power but
also inner qualities such as confidence (without conceit), courage
(without recklessness), commitment and a conscience.  The True Alpha
Male has the combination of physical and mental toughness but also a
concern for other humans as a whole. A “True Alpha” meets the ideal of
contemporary masculine excellence.  In other words, the True Alpha Male
has the core qualities of a hero.

Rick himself is living proof that he really is the true Alpha Male and
the reason you should run, not walk to the bookstore and order Rick’s
new book, “Alpha Male Challenge.”  Rick achieved true Alpha Male status
by sheer determination and hard work.  His successes were not easily
attained.  He dedicated himself to the task of building a powerful
physique first with martial arts and then with progressive resistance
training. Rick suffered the loss of his father at an early age and his
continued devotion to health and fitness assisted him throughout his
adolescence.  A passenger in a tragic car crash that killed two young
men, he suffered injuries including a broken neck and back. Told he
could never resume resistance training, he defied his doctors and went
on to win awards in competitive amateur bodybuilding.  His
self-engineered physical transformation brought him employment as a
health club instructor, certified personal trainer, and even years of
work as a nightclub bouncer on Long Island’s south shore.  Rick’s 
remarkable confidence was also evident in his academic pursuits; he
earned a full scholarship to Hofstra School of Law, where he served on
the Law Review and worked 3 jobs when attending Law School.

But what is most amazing about Rick is his continued ability to excel
in each and every pursuit while remaining humble and down to earth.   
For example, in True Alpha Male form, on Aug. 23,  Rick Collins set
aside his fear of  heights and successfully jumped from a plane at
13,500 feet in order to raise more than $13,500 for the American Cancer
Society. Rick’s  “Leap for Life” fundraiser was done in honor of two
close friends and a relative stricken with cancer.


Rick contends that “Manliness” has become a dirty word in a society of
beta males and couch potatoes. There’s less and less of it in the blood
of too many American men.  How do you measure up?  You can go to Rick’s
site at and take the MaleScale™, right now,
and see where you stand on the True Alpha Male continuum.  Then follow
the 10-week program of nutrition, exercise and attitude improvement
training presented in Alpha Male Challenge and see the difference only
10 weeks can make!  The Alpha Male Challenge is not about twisting you
into someone you are not.  It’s about restoring your manly mojo and
helping you reach your potential as the very best man you can be.  It’s
about developing the physical and mental aspects of the type of man you
should aspire to be in these demanding times. 

So, what are you waiting for? Reclaim your edge, guys!  I dare you to take the Alpha Male Challenge today!   



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