Ron Wood-Stoned Without Satisfaction

Seems that it is “All Over Now” for Rolling Stones guitarist, Ron Wood and his blushing bride of 23 years, Jo Wood. The Woods have finally reached a divorce settlement after nearly 8 months of brutal negotiations. Jo Wood, the former model will be receiving fifty percent of Wood’s estimated net worth of $37 million dollars. Jo also will be receiving the family mansion in Kingston, England worth about $19 million dollars plus an undisclosed monthly support payment.

So how did Jo perform such “Rough Justice”? It was quite simple. The divorce laws in England are much different from the states and actually serve to encourage gold-digging. The standard for the division of assets in its most simplistic form is based on “fairness”(in other words, however the judge is feeling that day). Not only do the courts not enforce prenuptial agreements in England, but the judges consider all of the assets of each partner, not just those earned and gained during the marriage. The English courts may also place inherited assets into the marital pot of gold. So, no matter how long the marriage, any assets become fair game.

But Jo Wood was apparently still not happy from with this deal. Jo is also demanding that Wood sell his estimated $6.4 million home in County Kildare, Ireland, before she will commit to signing on the dotted line.

Why you ask? It is where the 62 year Wood fell in love with his paramour, a 20 year old Russian waitress, Katia Ivanova. And who would have thought that Ron Wood and Mel Gibson would have so much in common?



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  • I may be reading too much into this, but the moral of the story seems to be DON'T GET MARRIED IN ENGLAND. Damn.

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