While I never watch dating shows like the Bachelor or Bachelorette, I have to admit that I became intrigued when I read the story in US Weekly about Bachelorette Jillian Harris and her “cheating” fiancé, Ed Swiderski. According to US Weekly, Lindsey Johnson, a former girlfriend states that Swiderski had sexual relations (Bill Clinton style sans the cigar) with her and hitting on another ex-girlfriend, Bethany Steffen after his teary eye proposal to Harris. Swiderski had sex with both women after he skipped episode five of the show because he claimed he would lose his job in Chicago.

Although no stained blue dress exists, documented proof in the form of text messages and emails demonstrate that Swiderski was cheating with these two women. Arguably, the women may have ulterior motives in coming forward but the written messages cannot be ignored.  In one such text message, Swiderski says he’s not attracted to Harris. In another message to Johnson, Swiderski states that he wants to “molest” Johnson when he gets home. Swiderski also sent a text to Steffen requesting that she “bring beer and condoms” to his apartment.

It is not surprising that Swiderski denied the claims made by the two women while appearing on Good Morning America last week.  Swiderski might as well have appeared on television, pointed his finger and said with a soulful southern accent: “I did not have sex with those women, Ms. Johnson and Ms. Steffen.”

Without placing judgment on Swiderski, it is Jillian Harris’ statements defending Swiderski that I find insulting to the average person’s intelligence. Although she has been subjected to degradation and in tears, she stills plans to move to Chicago next month to be closer to Swiderski. To this end, Harris denies that Swiderski was two timing her with Johnson and Steffen and claims that she was “in the loop like you would not believe” about Swiderski’s relationship with Johnson and Steffen. “The way that they have dealt with it, to bring up things from the past that don’t apply to my relationship with Ed, it’s making them, I believe, look a little bit foolish….”

Really Jillian. Do you expect people to believe that Edward willingly confessed about his lies and infidelity after he proposed? Do you really think that they way he has behaved in his past relationships, namely, lying, cheating and disrespect, do not affect you or apply to your relationship with Swiderski? If you do not respect yourself, do you honestly believe that Swiderski will?  Are you really convinced that you have found true love when the essence of your dating relationship has been based upon television theatrics and manipulation?

Well, Jillian, upon further examination, perhaps you will realize who appears pathetic, desperate and “foolish.”


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  • WHY would Jillian keep this guy around after seeing actual text messages and emails that PROVE that he cheated on her? What is her incentive?

    More importantly, after Ed has not publically humiliated her, could Jillian sue him for anything and get any type of recovery? As always, great work, Love Lawyer....I always enjoy reading about your perspective on things.

  • Actually, I figured it out! Jillian must be staying with Ed so that when she finally does dump him for being a lying, cheating lout, she can get MORE press out of it, and maybe even get another reality television show! Maybe she's not so foolish after all....keep up the great work, LL

  • It would be interesting to know, if this is in fact true, if Ed breached some contractual term with ABC by fraternizing with other women during the show's taping.

  • In reply to lawguy60606:

    "Fraternizing with other women?" A middle-aged bald lawyer who thinks the best thing about Chicago is "Italian beef" would use that term wouldn't he? Funny I am reading this almost 5 months later and you guys are still cracking us up!

    Stick with the ambulance chasing brother.

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