Jail Time for Texting

On the heels of my entry defending Judge Mark Lopez,  I found a news story coincidentally worthy of mention. Apparently, Susan Henwood, was attending her husband’s court proceeding in Utah stemming from a development project dispute.

Henwood was subsequently sentenced to 30 days in jail for sending a text message while in Court.

The Judge gave Henwood the proverbial “Sophie’s Choice”–she could make bail but only if her husband paid the judgment dispute of $70,000 to the opposing litigant OR Susan Henwood could serve a sentence of 30 days in the slammer. Which option would you choose?

Perhaps Nancy Murphy should thank her lucky stars.

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  • What is "Sophie's Choice?"

    I'd choose the slammer. It's cheaper and you have the option of trying to make friends. Plus, I don't have that kind of scratch for bail.

  • In reply to FernandoDiaz:

    The movie "Sophie's Choice" with Meryl Streep? I highly suggest you rent it. It is a very powerful and thought provoking movie.
    Thanks for the comment and reading my blog.

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