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"Did I say yes?"

The sun feels warm on my shoulder as Ashley and I play tennis on the street in front of my house. We have been best friends since the sixth grade, and we just graduated from high school this year. I see a car coming so we stop playing for a minute to see if it... Read more »

Will the waves take her under?

Riding Waves is a story of hope; a glimpse at how life can bring people down, but how we all can chose to be strong. I wrote this book from a very deep and personal place, and want other to know that we can overcome the darkness that sometimes enters our lives. Like musicians who stream their music... Read more »

Get Lost In Doing What You Love

Books have been my friends; books have been my teachers; books have been my comforters; books have been my entertainment, but most of all books have been my inspiration. Books, so many books, have impacted my life in many ways. I began a love of reading from as early as I can remember. I often... Read more »