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Review: Chicago History Museum

Review: Chicago History Museum
After months of waiting, I finally went to the Chicago History Museum this weekend. The Special Exhibit on Race is ending so even though it was a rainy morning, my daughter, her fiancé and I went when it opened. I did enjoy the whole museum, but the exhibit on race was all that I expected and... Read more »

4 reasons I am going to keep wearing jeans!

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article that stated that women over 50 should stop wearing jeans. I disagree, completely! 4 reasons that I will continue to wear jeans: I love that they have pockets. I am not big on carrying a purse so I need deep pockets to carry my money, ID... Read more »

Is the black and white photo challenge fun?

Have you heard about this black and white photo challenge that is going around Facebook? The challenge is to post every day for seven days in a row a black and white photo that describes your life. At first I thought, “Sure, I can do this.” Then I realized there are a couple of rules:... Read more »

Seven Steps to a Good “Selfie”

Background: Pay attention to the background. Are there other people in it? Think about the purpose of the photo. Is it just a picture of you or do you want to show people something?
Taking SELFIES is a fun way to connect with others and show what you are up to. It is also easier than having to ask your family and friends to keep snapping picture after picture of you until you get one that you like. My fellow blogger, Little Merry Sunshine inspired this post after a recent... Read more »