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Grateful in my grief

Grateful in my grief
A little over two weeks ago my mother’s dog, Molly, died suddenly. I have lived with my mom, and therefore with Molly for three years, so I am very attached to this sweet little girl. I even wrote a blog post about her in May. You can read it HERE. She had a heart condition... Read more »

Pets are a gift that you give to yourself

I have never really had a pet of my own. I had hamsters when I was little and a poodle from one of our litters when I was around 19, but I didn’t really own her since my mom paid her bills and took care of her when I went out. I never had to... Read more »

Molly is very sweet, very smart and as you can tell by this picture very silly

This Is When I Feel Grateful: Day 14 Countdown My family has had poodles for many years. Two times our poodles (Cocoa and CJ) became parents to adorable little puppies. I fell in love with one puppy and named her Pepper. I loved her, and we spent time just cuddling until I got married and left... Read more »