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What’s in a name anyway?

As I was listening to B96 on the radio last week, the hosts Gabe and Nina were talking about names and discussing the most common one in your phone contact list. A brief look at my phone today told me a couple of things. One, I need to delete some old contacts, and two Jennifer/Jenny and... Read more »

Top 2 gifts for Mom on Mother’s day

Top 2 gifts for Mom on Mother’s day
Mother’s Day is coming this Sunday. Now that my children are adults and earn their own money to purchase gifts, I don’t want them to spend so much on me. I am not rich, but I have enough, and I also do not want them to stress over finding the perfect gift for me. Here are the top two... Read more »

What Do You Teach an Infant?

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As an early childhood education teacher, I was always looking for new and different activities that I could put into my lesson plans to teach the children in my class. I wrote down what areas of learning the activity focused on as well as what materials I would need. This evolved into a binder of... Read more »

Every child, every classroom, every day!

Is it good to be a teacher of young children? Just today, we conducted a Professional Development Day for our region in Bright Horizons. There were approximately 130 teachers and leaders in attendance as we learned new information and brainstormed with each other. In the afternoon, we also implemented a Brightening Lives Activity to benefit our... Read more »

Is it good that I look forward to my morning coffee?

What does your morning coffee mean to you? Although the sweet aroma of the coffee does make me smile, the joy of my morning drink is really in choosing which coffee mug to use each day. Making myself coffee is usually the second thing that I do after waking up. The first thing I do... Read more »