Do you give self-love?

Do you give self-love?

I attended a Zoom workshop awhile back where we were asked to list 10 ways that we show others that we love them and then 10 ways that we show love to ourselves. Some struggled with how to show self-love. I created the list fairly quickly, but then realized that I have not been doing much on the list. Here are some ways were on my list of how I could show love to myself. Some I have done in the past or are currently doing, and others I am going to start this week. There are probably even more to add to the list, so let me know your ideas in the comments, please.

  • Read 
  • Listen to music
  • Journal
  • Meditate
  • Walk/exercise
  • Eat nutritionally
  • Do fun things like hobbies
  • Create through writing or art
  • Make Gratitude lists
  • Pray for self
  • Write cards or notes of love to self
  • Give gift/flowers to self
  • Tell self “I love you”
  • Be kind to self/stop expecting perfection

I also realized that I wanted to restart a challenge I gave myself back in August 2019 and wrote about here: Could you spend two hours alone each week? I am going to start to have a one to two hour date with myself weekly. 

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