Who Uses Online Dating Apps?

Who Uses Online Dating Apps?

When I was younger, I met friends and romantic partners through school and work. When my last long relationship ended in 2014, I worked in a predominately female field and was no longer going to high school or college, so I wondered how to find people to date? After meeting a couple of people at church and through friends, but without real connection, I joined the world of Internet dating. I have found there are some issues with dating like this for me. What a person is interested in can impact the impression they make and that I make on them. For example, if someone was interested in physical activity, they may look closer at people’s profiles with skiing or biking photos, and miss people who could be a good match with a deeper look. There are also so many choices online that I could miss some good ones by only looking at my first impression. I, or others, could also skip people thinking that there might be someone better if we keep looking, like the grass is always greener concept. Expectations from these dating services are often very high, which can lead to dissatisfaction. Just like real-life dating, it is essential to be patient and realistic. It is also important to remember that people can be deceptive online, just like they can in person. When so-called traditional dating methods aren’t working, online dating seems to be an option, but it should be viewed with your eyes wide open. I do enjoy meeting and learning about other people so in that aspect online dating has been successful. If the question is whether I have found love and a lasting relationship, the answer is no, or at least not yet.

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