Nothing can replace a hug

Nothing can replace a hug

When we were first issued the stay-at-home order here in Chicago, Illinois, in many ways, my life felt the same as before the coronavirus pandemic. As more time passes by, though, I am reminded how so much my life and other’s lives have really changed. I do have a roof over my head, food on the table, and a family that I love. Before this order, I already worked from home a couple of days a week, so the shift to five days was simple. I am one of the lucky ones. Generally, I see myself as a glass half-full or a “Look for the positive” type of person, so I started strong by being grateful that my loved ones and myself were virus-free and that I still had a job. I love to watch movies, read and write, so it felt fine just stay home. I had an excuse to be a little anti-social and curl up on a Saturday with a book. My three daughters are grown and live out on their own, so we only see each other once or twice a month, and luckily I did see each of them at the beginning of March. In my house and working each day, it was easy to imagine life outside these four walls as the same; however, as I continued to listen to the news and read about the deaths and people struggling daily, it became apparent that life as I knew it was changing. When a friend of mine had a family member die from COVID-19, I, too, felt their loss, and my life began to shift. I started reaching out for more contact and connection with others that I previously took for granted.

These months later, I am remaining positive and hopeful; however, it is much more challenging to keep my focus clear each day. I want to remain a light to others in this difficult time, but that is not a natural feeling as I read articles and watch the news to stay informed. I am finding myself needing to be much more intentional with getting dressed (at least on some days), exercising, meditating, looking for the good, and even trying to reignite some hobbies to bring some fun to my days. In addition, I continue to look for ways to stay connected to my friends, family, and colleagues through social media and online meetings. Like many others, I am remaining persistent with texting and talking on the phone more than ever. Recently, I felt myself craving human connection and touch more deeply. It made me feel sad, and I wondered if others are experiencing this loss. I saw a Facebook post about sending others a virtual hug drawn on paper. I also saw this video Sesame Street: How to Self Hug with Abby Cadabby. These are cute ways to stay connected; however, nothing can replace the human connection that only a touch can give.

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