What are you doing for fun?

What are you doing for fun?

A hobby is defined as an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure, so what are you doing during this social isolation for fun? I have off work until Tuesday, so I know I will spend time on social media, reading, and watching TV, but I also want to feel good, have fun and find ways to not lose hope. I will continue walking, looking for the good, and meditating every day, but I am also spending this time reigniting my hobbies. There are two questions you can ask: What are my favorite hobbies and then what hobbies can I still do now? I enjoy art, crocheting, writing and reading which are all hobbies that I can still do during this time, luckily. I wrote a Facebook post today, asking others what their hobbies are, and I know some are not as lucky. Some hobbies listed were cooking, painting, sewing, drawing and sailing. It would be difficult to go sailing, but maybe she could spend time learning more about sailing or finding some virtual sailing opportunities. Also, I do like to paint and draw freehand; however, coloring in a coloring book feels like a little less pressure, which I need right now, so be kind to yourself. I chose a picture out of the “adult book” today; however, I do have children’s coloring books with puppies and one with Frozen pictures. Memories of coloring with my daughters when they were young came flooding back to me as I spent time doing it again today. I loved feeling that joy and happiness from time long ago!

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