Where is the weirdest place you exercised?

Where is the weirdest place you exercised?

screen-shot-2020-01-17-at-7-36-38-pmThe snow was not supposed to start until later today, so I thought that I would have plenty of time after work. It came early so as I finished working at 4pm, I headed outside to get my steps in. I had decided that I needed to make getting healthy a goal this year. I can still remember the Saturday’s that I set an alarm to get a quick jog in before it got too hot out. I ran many 5K’s and two half marathons. I even trained for but never completed a marathon in 2011. How could I be so dedicated to exercise then and now I barely walk 2,000 steps a day? I read that 150 minutes a week is a good goal and decided that 22 minutes a day should be easy to accomplish. I started January 1st with this simple goal. Probably a crazy time of year to start since I prefer outside walking over treadmills even though I do have a fitness center where I live. Can I make exercise a habit again by walking every day? Luckily, it has been nice out, so I have walked outside much of the time. I have even went to area malls to walk in addition to one day I walked in Target and did my shopping once the 22 minutes was over. A couple of days ago, I was meeting a friend so the outdoor strip mall seemed as good of a place as any to do I my walk. It was windy and cold though, so soon I headed into the grocery store where I proceeded to go up and down every aisle to get the rest of my 22 minutes completed. I thought that was weird until I walked in the snowstorm today. Which is crazier? Where is the weirdest place you exercised?

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