What is the #DecadeChallenge?

What is the #DecadeChallenge?

So many people are posting photos from the end of 2009 and now in 2019 for the #DecadeChallenge. Last month, I joined in also posting a fun picture of my mom, my sister and I together; however, I have been thinking about it ever since. What was I doing and where was I ten years ago, but more importantly who was I? I am able to look back at social media to find pictures and memories; in fact, that is one of my favorite features to look back at to see what was important enough in my life to post about. It is easy to see what I looked liked and determine my location; however, to know what was in my heart will take some reflection. What have I learned about myself and about life in these last ten years? Have I evolved and changed as a person? What successes did I have, and what challenges did I face? Did they break me or was I able to learn and grow? I know that everything that has happened has prepared me for this moment in my life. Each job, relationship and situation helped me to be who I am right now.


Those are the questions and ideas I will ponder as I look at the picture of myself from 2009 and now in 2019 as I boldly step into the next decade of my life. How about you? Do you see this decade challenge as more than just a couple of pictures?
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