Write one piece of encouragement

Write one piece of encouragement

We often find ways to lift other people up. We tell our children how proud we are of them. We say to our significant others “congrats” when they do something great, and we advise our loved ones to never give up and to keep trying when they face failure. How often do we praise ourselves? I recently read about this task of writing an encouraging note to your self. It sounded simple yet interesting, and I thought it would just be a fun thing to do. A lot has been happening in my life lately with a new job and stepping out of my comfort zone, so I started off with just saying how proud I am that I persevered and kept reaching for my goals. It made me reflect on the ways that I have worked hard and how I rarely give up on things I want. It reminded me that trust is important as well as the belief that the right opportunities for me, for me personally, will come along if I just have faith and keep trying. It sounds so simple; however, encouraging myself truly felt amazing. I dare you to try it. Just write yourself a letter right now!

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