Review: Darling Grenadine (No spoilers)

Review: Darling Grenadine (No spoilers)

I saw the Play Darling Grenadine at Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre on Sunday. I have been to a couple other plays, courtesy of my youngest daughter, in the past couple of years, however I have not been to this theatre in almost thirty years. It is a theatre-in the-round though so all of the seats were great. I might need to keep an eye out for new plays starting there since this was the final day for Darling Grenadine.

screen-shot-2019-08-19-at-9-34-29-pmFavorite line or message of movie: This was tough because there were many lines that I loved, but I didn’t write any of them down. I do remember a line about how on New Year’s Eve, you often wonder what you were doing the year before. Phases of my life can be defined and remembered by what I was doing on New Year’s Eve that year.

 Did the storyline hold my attention? Yes, since the story was really about people and their relationships with one another, I loved it. There were so many layers to the relationship of Harry with his brother, Paul, as well as his love interest Louise. There was also much humor to the plot, and even a dog was involved .

Could I understand what was happening? Yes, although there were a couple of people who played different characters, I could distinguish them by an article of clothing or a slight behavior of that particular character.

Did I care about at least 1 character? Yes, they all drew me in, and I was rooting for each one to succeed and find happiness.

Did I think about or talk about the play when it was over?  Yes, I wrote about it in my journal, and I am still thinking about what a fabulous play it was. From a writer’s perspective, I thought the characters, the story, and the dialogue were fabulous.

Would I see this play a second time? Yes!

Stars 1=bad, 2=good 3=great: 3 stars

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