Could you spend two hours alone each week?

Could you spend two hours alone each week?

What if I told you to spend two hours alone and that you had to stay off social media, and no music, no television or movies, no books? How would you spend it? Even though I do not currently have writer’s block, I am always looking for ways to be more creative so when I came across this idea, I thought I would try it. The point is to get out of the logical, thinking part of your brain and relax. Be free and just clear your mind. I do this already when I meditate but that is only for ten minutes at a time; this idea was to do it for two hours straight. I love walking in nature or just sitting outside, so I thought it would be easy. I drove to my favorite beach, parked in town, and walked the fifteen minutes to the beach. So far so good until I decided to turn my phone on to take a picture of the beach, even though I have a million pictures already of this same spot. While I am at it, I better check that my mom and kids haven’t texted. You know, there could be an emergency, and they might need me. I better leave it on and just not look at it. Then after twenty minutes of looking at the water and relaxing, I had an idea for my book. What no paper? I better use my phone again to write this note down. I lasted less than an hour before I decided to head home. I do have a list of things I could do and places to go next time like the forest preserve, botanic gardens, the zoo, a museum, go for a drive or even just sit at a coffee shop, but I haven’t tried it again yet. Maybe I need to ease into this…try one hour first, and bring an old camera and a pad of paper. Give me some ideas please. Where would you go if you spent one or two hours alone with no “thinking” distractions?

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