A little feedback

A little feedback

I received another rejection for my book Suppression today. Part of the feedback was “I encourage you to develop the world a little more and try showing with dialogue and action, rather than telling with narrative and exposition.” At least she gave me feedback; it’s something to work on. I also attended the Barrington Writer’s Group this week. Three people read chapters from the book they are writing, and then the group of us, about 8 people, wrote notes and comments that they could read later. We also went around and offered some feedback as a group. I felt like I should be an expert to give others advice. I just tried to be kind but honest about what I thought as a lover of books and an avid reader, but is constructive criticism ever easy to receive? As I drove home after the meeting, I wondered if I could handle the feedback if I read mine to the group. After receiving this rejection, I must admit that I am not sure if I could. I even wonder if I really want to be an author. Couldn’t I just write for myself and not share it with others to avoid criticism? Maybe I should bring this book to the writer’s group and get feedback before sending it to another agent if I do want to grow as a writer, and get better, but being a writer is hard. I guess so are most things in life that we care about. How do you handle disappointments and criticism? Do you respond better to feedback than I do?

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