Is today a self-ish or self-less day?

Is today a self-ish or self-less day?

Today is Mother’s day; I am a mother, and I have a mother still here with me. I know that I am lucky for both of those facts since many people I know have experienced the death of their mother and quite a few people I know are struggling or have struggled with infertility. The question is how do we celebrate Mother’s Day? Is it a day to be selfish and choose what you want to do or is it the day to be selfless and try to do things that will make your mother or children happy? I am torn because I usually want to make everyone happy. Even on my birthday when I can be self-absorbed and selfish because you know it’s a day celebrating me lol, I want to choose things that others enjoy too. But back to today…how to decide what to do? When my kids were young, obviously it was more of a selfless day making sure they knew how much I love them. Now that they are older, they know I love them, and I know that they love me. I just want them happy, and I don’t want them to stress or worry about me.I already told them that I have enough stuff. I just want to spend time with them and it doesn’t even need to be on Mother’s day. I love getting homemade cards and heartfelt words. What is Mother’s day or even Father’s day, if men are reading this, about for you?

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