How do you respond to rejection and disappointment?

How do you respond to rejection and disappointment?

I love books and articles; I get lost in the process of reading and in writing. Lately though, I have been getting hit with low viewership on my blog and with my e-books as well as rejections from literary agents for the third book I wrote. Friends and family have encouraged me to stay positive and to not give up. I appreciate their advice and deep down I believe it, but it has been hard to not feel embarrassed, angry, disappointed and discouraged. Last month, I only wrote 3 blog posts on Looking For The Good when I usually write 8. There were no reviews, no interviews and no random fiction posts. I also did not work on my 4th book The Little Stone House on the CornerWas this the right choice when I am feeling this way? Is that how others react to rejection and disappointment or am I just being a baby? It certainly did not make me feel any better taking a break from my passion, but I guess maybe I needed some time to “lick my wounds” so to speak. At least I didn’t have to open another rejection, but I did miss the joy that writing fills me with. That was one good thing that came from my break- I missed it. I wish there were a way to do what I love without those negative feelings, but I do want to share my words and thoughts with others so I suppose it goes with the territory. After I post this article, I think I will spend some time creating different worlds in my imagination and forget about the real world for a bit.

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